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Our values
Based in sunny Southern California, Millennium Wealth Consulting was founded upon a shared mission to build lifelong partnerships and relationships with our clients by delivering exceptional service and adding value to their portfolio.  We have achieved success for our clients by viewing changes in the market and overall economy as an opportunity to evolve and grow.  At the same time, we have remained steadfast to our core values:
  • Long-Term Relationships:  We build lasting, stable relationships with our clients and partners, based on trust and transparency.
  • Integrity: In everything we do, we work to earn and keep our clients' trust.
  • Innovation: Applying proven strategies in novel ways, we create sound solutions to address today's complex challenges.
  • Social Responsibility: We believe in using our success to support stronger communities and a healthier planet.

Our mission

To provide our clients with solid and reliable financial information, from which they can make sound decisions.  

To inspire our clients to take a proactive approach in order to achieve wealth and financial security.
Our process
We take the time to know you.  We understand that each client has unique objectives, constraints, and economic realities.  As such, we know that there is no one cookie-cutter solution to a problem.  At Millennium Wealth Consulting, our approach is creative and collaborative.  We work with you to design and implement customized financial strategies that will help you achieve your investment goals for a secure future.