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Financial Guidance
We work with you to create a personalized roadmap designed to guide you through life's milestones.

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It’s Time to Make Your Money Work Harder.

Whatever your goals are in life, Millennium Wealth Consulting is available to help you increase your understanding of how to make your investments work best for you and those goals.  Depending on what you are trying to achieve for yourself, your family, or your business, there are many options we can offer that would best fit your situation and financial capabilities.  Below is the range of financial knowledge, products, and solutions we can help you explore.

Retirement Planning
Fund your retirement goals and feel confident about enjoying the lifestyle you envision with a dynamic approach to retirement planning focused on managing risks, making smart choices, and sustainability.

Life Insurance & Annuities
Prepare for the future with insurance strategies that may offer peace of mind about your ability to preserve wealth, provide for loved ones or produce dependable retirement income.

Estate & Tax Planning
Provide a secure future for your heirs, and ensure your wishes are carried out and support the worthy causes you care about — all in an estate tax-efficient manner, with a carefully constructed estate plan.

Business Retirement Plans
Attract and retain top talent to your business by offering the benefit that may be most important to them – a high-quality, employer-sponsored retirement plan.  Some of the plan options we can help you with include:

IRAs, Key-Executive Compensation and Benefits, SEP, Simple IRA, Defined Benefit Plans, Defined
Contribution Plans (including Traditional 401(k),  Safe Harbor 401(k), Profit Sharing, Takeover, 412(e)(3))

Business Succession & Continuity
Executives and other valuable personnel are a fundamental part of the successful day-to-day operation of your business. The death of a key person could disrupt revenue flow and lead to internal turmoil and customer erosion.  A few of the business solutions we offer include:

Buy/Sell Agreements, Tax Reduction, Risk Management, Financial Independence Strategies

Real Estate Investment
While real estate assets are usually the largest part of one's investment portfolio, it is often an overlooked and undervalued component.  To make the most of your nonfinancial assets, Millennium Wealth Consulting analyzes the bigger picture - the impact of your real estate holdings on your overall financial portfolio. 

Cash Flow Evaluation, Real Estate Acquisition, Accumulation and Disposition,
Tax Reduction and Deferral, and Estate Planning for Investment Real Estate Owners